erickson-stationaryThis documentary explores the personal life and incredible career work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., founder of Modern Hypnotherapy. This unsung American genius was a pioneer in psychiatry using radical and unconventional hypnotic techniques to cure not only patients but to control his own debilitating pain and paralysis.

The work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., often referred to as “The Mozart of Communication,” shocked the scientific community with new and effective theories for therapeutic intervention, which even today defy scientific explanation. But it is his personal story that commands our initial attention.

How does a child born in the silver mining community of Aurum, Nevada, and soon to be ghost town at 7,500 feet above sea level, survive all odds after being stricken with polio to grow into the man destined to become an evolutionary genius in the fields of hypnosis and psychotherapy?

To overcome paralysis and chronic, debilitating pain and muscle wasting, Dr. Erickson ignored his doctor’s prognosis of helplessness and hopelessness, and went on to invent a protocol for hypnosis, which controls the mind, body and spirit. His exceptional work exposes his true genius and continues to lend hope and curative relief to vast numbers of patients through the hypnotic techniques he developed.

In “Wizard of the Desert,” we see an extraordinarily gifted and extremely disciplined man in a wheelchair, whose victories over severe pain, paralysis and life altering medical conditions continue to inspire awe long after his death. Uncompromising in the demands he placed on himself and his family, Dr. Erickson’s story redefined medical philosophies and continues to mesmerize students and audiences alike.

Through the eyes of those closest to him, our film reveals three dimensions of this unsung American genius whose contributions to modern psychotherapy and hypnosis forever memorialized him as the…”The Mozart of Communication; The Eccentric; and The Wounded Healer.”

About the Director

alex-scarf1Whether documentary or narrative, Austrian Director Alexander Vesely's films are unique.  He is a masterful storyteller whose work captivates audiences as he weaves the experiences of various characters into a powerful fabric.  Mr. Vesely approaches independent film projects differently than most directors.

Though he has been directing various projects in Europe and South America for over 20 years his vision of a direct connection between psychotherapy and film permeates his work. He believes that his training as a psychotherapist helps him  better understand human dynamics when working with actors, editors, composers and other creative talents, thus achieving the highest level of results with minimum film budgets.

Mr. Vesely currently resides in Vienna, Austria but develops projects all over the world.

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